Country ICT Data

The CTO is committed to making up-to-date information about the ICT sectors of all Commonwealth countries free and openly available. Development and ICT data indicators for the following country profiles were gathered from ICT ministries and regulators, as well as entities such as ITU, CIA Factbook, World Bank, GSMA, and various NGOs within Commonwealth countries. This information includes basic statistics, as well as details of the relevant government departments, regulatory authorities, operators and other organisations involved in the ICT sector in every country. We do our best to ensure that these data are as up to date as possible, but we would be very grateful for additional updates and information that users are able to provide.

The data are presented in two forms. For each country, there is a summary of key information, as well as a much fuller .pdf file that includes more extensive data together with a breakdown of activities in each of the CTO’s major focus areas that are ongoing in each Commonwealth country. To access this information, please click on the relevant region below, and then on the specific country flags.

Please note
The information contained in this section was accurate as at 2013.