As well as hosting its own events, the CTO supports events by other organisations where there is a synergy with the CTO’s vision and priority areas. The CTO participates in such events with partner organisations to spread key messages in the field of ICT4D, and to create a larger ICT4D community in which skills, knowledge and experiences can be shared. Linking with our partners’ platforms helps communicate, educate and motivate to an even wider audience. Supported events provide the CTO with an opportunity to share its expertise in specific areas at events convened by other organisations. This is done in a collaborative spirit, in order to influence and inform policy and advise decision-makers, so as to achieve greater socio-economic development across the Commonwealth in the field of ICTs.

We warmly welcome the opportunity to discuss any potential opportunities for partnering in delivering high-quality events and conferences. Please contact Lasantha De Alwis (Director and Head of the Operations Department/Corporate Secretary) at to discuss opportunities.

Details of upcoming supported events are provided below:

39th Meeting of the Wireless World Research Forum

18 – 20 October 2017, Castelldefels, Spain

Theme “Ready ‘n’ Go – 5G trials and testbeds”

The introduction of digital technologies is giving a major boost to societal and economic transformation. In the future, this will enhance our technical capacity to bring forth new and innovative products and services, in areas such as manufacturing, transport, energy, health, education and entertainment.

5G will be a key enabler of this transformation, coping with the different connectivity, storage and processing needs for each of these industry sectors. Therefore, a close interaction of vertical industries and 5G infrastructure stakeholders will be mutually beneficial. A fundamental point will be the validation of 5G technologies in a system-wide context, including multiple use cases, while supporting the requirements of these key vertical sectors.

WWRF is at the heart of this process, with its Vertical Industry Platforms creating a bridge between the ICT and vertical industries, and providing opportunities in its meetings to promote and discuss new trials and testbeds.

At our meeting in Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain on 18th – 20th October 2017 we are providing in-depth workshops, invited talks and contributed technical papers on this very subject.

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African Forum for Utility Regulators 14th Annual General Conference

 20 – 24 November 2017, Kigali, Rwanda

Regulatory Actions for Accelerating Sustainable Utility Services in Africa

How can regulatory policy and actions help meet public policy challenges? This conference will encourage delegates to “think outside the box” about the relevance of regulatory actions in support of growth and social welfare as countries forge ahead in the arena of utility regulation and sustainable utility services in Africa.

The emergence of fegulators to promote better provision of utility services has been an important development for public governance in Africa.

The need for modern society to be sustainable is also widely recognised. The notion of ‘sustainable development’ has wide currency, its promotion is high on the agenda of many governments. A whole range of institutions, policy ideas and programmes have been established and in force; many more have been conceived on regulatory policy agendas.

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