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Maputo International Airport

Maputo International Airport, also known as Lourenço Marques Airport, is an airport located 3 kilometres (1.9 miles) northwest of the centre of Maputo, the largest city and capital of Mozambique. It is the largest airport in Mozambique, and hub for LAM Mozambique Airlines and Kaya Airlines.

Airlines: The following airlines fly to Maputo Int’l Airport: Turkish, TAP, Qatar, Kenya, Ethiopia, TAG (Angolan), SAA, LAM (Tanzania, Nairobi, SA, Kenya) and Air Mauritius

Location: 3267 Avenida Acordos de Lusaka, 2631 Maputo, Mozambique

Airport Code: MPM

Contacts: +258 1 465 038/9, +258 1 465 036/7, +258 1 465 003

Buses 18, 24 and 25 run to the city hourly from 04h30 to 22h00. Taxis and car hire options are also available.

Visa requirements

Due to the fact that different requirements apply to different countries and the requirements are subject to change, we advise that you contact the nearest Mozambique mission or consulate to find more details about the visa process. According to the official website of the Government of Mozambique, citizens from South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia do not need a VISAto enter Mozambique. Citizens from Zimbabwe and country members of CPLP who have a Diplomatic passport also do not need a VISA. 

Mozambique has over 40 missions across the world where visas can be procured. The host Country is currently liaising with the Mozambican Immigration Service with a view to processing visas at the point of entry for registered delegates from Countries that do not have a Mozambican High Commission/Embassy. Modalities for securing this service will be available soon.

To apply for an entry visa your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date your visa for Mozambique was issued, and have at least three consecutive blank pages. In addition you will need:

  • Visa request form;
  • Two passport size photographs;
  • A copy of the return tickets or a copy of the flight confirmation;
  • Hotel booking confirmation
  • One recent bank statement;
  • Copy of first page of passport containing a photo;
  • Letter of invitation from the official or business institution in Mozambique.
  • Yellow fever– There is no risk of yellow fever in this country, however, there is a certificate requirement

CTO will be happy to assist with an Invitation Letter on request to assist delegates with the visa process. Delegates who require this assistance should submit the following information to the host:

  1. Full Name as written on Passport
  2. Date and Place of Birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Date of Arrival
  5. Date of Departure
  6. Hotel Booking
  7. A clear scanned copy of the data page of the passport
  8. A valid email address

Delegates are strongly advised to check the requirements for transit visas, based on their itinerary, as the rules change from country to country. Lack of necessary transit visa prevents undertaking the entire journey.

All visa arrangements and costs are to be borne by the attendees and/or their administration.


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