CTO Consultancy Group

For many years, the CTO has provided consultancy and advisory services to its members and non-members across the Commonwealth and beyond. Our work has helped ICT policy makers, regulators, implementing agencies as well as operators and other private sector entities meet the challenges of changing paradigms and prosper in the evolving ICT environment.

Our Technical Support & Consultancy (TSC) team is committed to working with clients to understand their circumstances and needs, so as to ensure delivery of timely, relevant and dependable advice, recommendations and guidance.

We invite ICT experts to join the CTO as Associate Consultants and to contribute to Global ICT development. CTO Associate Consultants have extensive expertise, international experience and practical knowledge. They also have the regional and country specific knowledge required to carry out consultancy assignments proficiently. More so, they also appreciate the impact of ICTs in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Required areas of expertise:

      • ICT policy & regulation
      • National ICT strategies development & implementation
      • Strategic planning (particularly for ICT regulators and policy makers)
      • Cybersecurity, cybercrime, privacy & data protection
      • Spectrum Management/Auctions
      • ICT Content & Applications
      • ICT for disaster management
      • Green ICT
      • Broadband (particularly development & implementation of strategies)
      • Broadcasting (particularly analogue to digital migrations issues)
      • Mobile and Satellite Communications


      • Opportunity to join the CTO in delivering consultancy, research and advisory projects
      • Free delegate passes at CTO conferences (three passes for consultancy firms/organisations and 1 pass for individuals) with 50% discounts on additional registrations
      • Opportunity to network and share experiences with key decision makers in both the public and private sectors

Further Information:

Please contact:
Technical Support & Consultancy Division
44 (0) 208 600 3800
44 (0) 208 600 3819