ICTs and People with Disabilities: A Caribbean workshop

The CTO champions the use of ICTs by people with disabilities.  To this end, it convened a Commonwealth Summit in 2012 to find ways of turning rhetoric into reality with respect to this agenda.  As part of the follow up, the CTO is working collaboratively with local partners and other international organisations to raise awareness of the issues and help our member countries take practical action so that people with disabilities are indeed empowered through the use of ICTs.

WorkshopWorking together with the HEART initiative in Antigua and Barbuda, the CTO convened a workshop for people in the Caribbean from 9-11 February at the island’s Jolly Beach Resort, of which the prime objective was to come up with practical agendas that each of the delegates could then follow.  The keynote presentations, as well as the workshop outputs are presented below for the use of anyone interested in this critically important agenda


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Presentation Title Presented by Position – Organisation
Commonwealth perspective on the use of ICTs by people with disabilities Professor Tim Unwin Secretary-General, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
MADA Assistive Technology Center David Banes Chief Executive Officer, Mada Center, Qatar
Assistive Technology and Accessibility Cente
What more can be done? Cleveland Thomas ITU Area Office Representative For the Caribbean
Hardware and Software recommended by participants Group outputs
Identifying good practices in existing
policies and strategies
Group outputs
What are the five main challenges limiting the implementation of good practices? Group outputs
Effective use of ICTs for people with disabilities.pdf Group outputs
ICT Accessibility Report