The CTO governance is based on:

The Constitution and the Rules of Procedure were adopted in 2002 by the CTO Council while the Ethical Framework was adopted in 2012. At its Council meeting in October 2012 in Mauritius the Council adopted revisions to the Constitution that were recommended to it by a working group of Council members.

Primarily the CTO’s Governance is exercised through four organs:

  1. Council – Consisting of representatives nominated by Full Member Countries, the Council is the highest policy-making body of the CTO. It meets annually to examine the progress of the Organisation and to suggest future programmes. Council elects the Chairperson, the First Vice Chairperson and the Second Vice Chairperson of the CTO who hold office for one year.
  2. Executive Committee (ExCo) – Consisting of the Chairperson, the First Vice Chairperson, the Second Vice Chairperson, a Sector member representing the Development Partners, a Sector member representing the Industry Partners, the immediate past Chairperson, the Chairperson of the Programme for Development and Training and the Secretary General, the ExCo oversees the activities of the CTO between Council meetings.
  3. Forum – Held annually, immediately preceding the Council meeting, the Forum is the platform for Sector members to examine issues critically important to them. Forum also elects the Sector member representatives to the ExCo.
  4. Secretariat – Headed by the Secretary General, the Secretariat is the body that delivers the mandate of the Organisation by implementing the agreed work programme.

Further Information:

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