ICT Knowledge Bank

Knowledge sharing is central to the CTO’s work. It is important for stakeholders to obtain, critically assess, share and, ultimately, use information in order to further socio-economic development across the Commonwealth and beyond. To this end, we have created this ICT Knowledge Bank, which highlights and promotes the CTO’s work and that of other stakeholders in the CTO’s priority areas.

Working with some of the world’s leading experts in each area, we have compiled documents, reports, training kits and articles that should be of use to anyone seeking to increase their understanding of key ICT for development issues. We have also included some “must read” documents for stakeholders working in the field of ICTs and development.

This ICT Knowledge Bank should be used as a living resource. Therefore, we encourage stakeholders to suggest and share documents in our feedback areas from which visitors to the website can obtain further value. Publications and presentations by members of CTO’s Secretariat are also available in our Knowledge Bank.

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