Upcoming CTO events

The CTO’s international events and seminars are a fine balance of knowledge sharing, influencing policy and networking, and are designed to reflect all of the organisation’s niche focus areas, as well as more generic topics. These events are often organised in conjunction with our members including governments and regulatory authorities. They are based in all countries of the Commonwealth, across the continents of Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific region. As well as one-off events and those that we convene in partnership with other organisations, the CTO runs six annual events every year, which bring together Heads of Government and Regulatory Authorities as well as senior decision makers from global private sector companies and civil society organisations. Most of the events run by CTO have been running annually for more than five years. 

Events Theme Date Location Host/Partners Format
Digital Transformation Centre Stage – Mozambique Showcasing Members’ Successes in Digital Transformation Dates TBC Virtual Meeting Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation and National Communications Institute of Mozambique (INCM) Virtual
Digital Week – London Theme TBA 21st – 23rd May 2024 Royal Society, London Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation Hybrid
62nd CTO Council Meeting Theme TBA 24th May 2024 Marlborough House, London Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation Hybrid

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