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Mission and Vision


  • Lesson Plan Template
  • Preparation and setting up of the venue (if applicable) Check the ventilation, floor, electric equipments, exit doors, sockets, desks and tables , room space and arrangement and lighting. (Trainer to confirm with host organization)
  • Relevant Unit Standard, Element and PCs (if applicable) Lesson Plan Element 1: Plan the lesson 1.1 Time allocation for the lesson 1.2 Learning resource materials 1.3 Objectives 1.4 Lesson content 1.5 Teaching methodology Element 2: Prepare for the learning experience • Learning activities • Learning tasks • Clear language
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  • Timefacilitator ActivityLearner activityResources 
  • Timefacilitator ActivityLearner activityResources 
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Vision and Mission Statements

The CTO is the largest and oldest Commonwealth membership organisation committed to using information and communication technologies (ICTs) appropriately and effectively for development (ICT4D).

Our mission is: To provide result-focused ICT leadership in the Commonwealth and beyond.
Our vision is: A trusted partner for sustainable development for all through ICTs.


The CTO seeks to work collaboratively with other Commonwealth bodies to build mutually beneficial synergies in the interests of its members. The CTO has a key role to play in leading ICT4D initiatives across the Commonwealth, and it is committed to working together with other Commonwealth entities to reduce overlap and replication of activities. The CTO welcomes the opportunity to offer support to any Commonwealth ICT initiatives that reflect the needs and interests of its members.

Supporting the global development agenda

In preparation for the post–2015 global development goals, and following consultation with members, the CTO has issued a Statement on the Role of ICTs in the Post-2015 Development Goals that calls for explicit development goal and specific targets for ICTs.