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Events are a fundamental part of the CTO’s activities and are an essential element of the services available to members. These events fulfil a number of roles: connecting communities, educating, offering technological solutions and helping participants to define and map their future objectives.

The CTO organises  international conferences across the Commonwealth every year. These events span a broad range of themes such as Rural Connectivity, e-Gov, ICT Finance and Digital Broadcasting Switchover. The CTO also organises tailored events around our six priority areas, in the form of high level policy summits, knowledge sharing conferences, and technology showcases, providing delegates with an opportunity to gain industry contacts and exchange ICT experiences from across the Commonwealth.

So that potential partners, sponsors and delegates can gain a full understanding of the nature of CTO events, and for an overview of the events that the CTO has organised over the last few years, Event Reports are available on our website. These provide a synopsis of the contributions from speakers, any policy agreements or papers that came out of the events and the overall conclusions which can be drawn on the topic of the event. These are also informative for anyone wishing to attend a CTO event in the future so that they can see the format of and lessons learnt from previous events.

We also seek to make available as many of the presentations delivered at our events as possible. These can be accessed from the links to conferences each year in the margin to the left.

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