The scheme aims to help improve the skills of the selected candidates as well as to have a developmental impact in their home countries. The CTO aims to achieve this through the following ways:

  • The Fellows will undertake carefully crafted work programmes, aimed at helping them master various critical aspects of the use of ICTs for development, under the close supervision of nominated staff of the CTO. The programmes are designed in such a way to ensure that it will improve competencies of the Fellows with the outcomes being directly applicable to their home countries.
  • The Fellows will have an opportunity to link with the CTO’s network of members, partners and associates, consisting of key policy makers, regulators and other players in the field of ICTs across the CTO, which will broaden their horizons.
  • The CTO will continue to engage with the Fellows after their Fellowships through its alumni network, and they will receive continuous support on their chosen fields of work, so that their practice is continually enriched.
  • In consultation with the Fellows, the CTO will source specific training courses to follow during the fellowship that will help improve their skills. Examples of training provided in the past include accredited courses in project management, leadership and communications.
  • A comprehensive in-house training programme that covers a range of topics designed for the CTO staff, will also be open for the Fellows.
  • During the Fellowship, the Fellows will have greater visibility of the CTO and its various initiatives, from training courses to research projects, and the CTO will actively encourage them to identify any initiatives that have particular application to their work settings and to their home countries, which the CTO will strive to deliver, working in partnership with the Fellows, after their return to home countries.

All of the Fellowships are designed to integrate closely with the Strategic Plan of the CTO for 2016 – 2020. As a result, the work of the Fellows will have continuing relevance to their home countries as well as to the CTO. The key areas of work under this strategic plan are

More Information:

For more details on the CTO Fellowship programme please contact:
Dorothy Elangot, Human Resources
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