Digital Broadcasting Switchover Forum Africa 2014

The Digital Broadcasting Switchover Forum Africa 2014 concluded on 13 February 2014. This event provides a unique and authoritative annual meeting point for policymakers and regulators to interact with broadcasters, content developers, broadcast network infrastructure providers and operators, equipment manufacturers and opinion leaders to discuss challenges, solutions and opportunities in the ever more fragmented, competitive and innovative broadcasting industry.

Key topics discussed during the three days included:

  • Policy and regulatory approaches for the complete value chain
  • Syncing infrastructure with regulatory goals and markets
  • OTTs, consumer digital experiences, second screens, and social media
  • Digital dividend – How to reap and re-farm
  • Future of Broadcasting – Cloud broadcasting, satellite TV, IPTV and mobile TV
  • Convergence, delivery platforms and handheld devices.
  • Digital Radio- Where do we go from here?

Hosted by:

Digital Broadcasting Switchover Forum Africa 2014 was hosted by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) and the Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology, Tanzania.

Further Information:

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