Human Resources & ICT Forum 2016

Human Resources for the Information Society

Date: 21 – 22 November 2016
Location: Kingston, Jamaica
Venue: The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Information and Communication technologies (ICTs) impact all aspects of governance and all sectors of business. Understanding the unique human resources needed in the ICT age is a constant challenge for human resource professionals. On the other hand ICTs play a key role in human resource management. Human Resources and ICTs is an annual conference specifically designed for human resource professionals of the ICT sector to help plan, procure, develop and retain appropriate human resources as well as to understand the benefits of ICTs in human resource management.

Key Topics
    • Tomorrow’s ICT landscape
    • The transition from Human resource management to human capital development
    • How could ICTs streamline the recruitment process
    • Enhancing knowledge management through the use of ICT
    • From Performance evaluation to performance management using ICTs
    • Outsourcing, Insourcing and Sharing services
    • How could ICTs assist better employee engagement
    • Data: Analytics, security and privacy
    • ICTs helping tackle challenges of small markets
    • Workplace Ethics: Social media in the workplace

Hosted by:

Office of Utilities Regulation, Jamaica

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