CTO Human Resources and ICT Forum 2023

Digital Transformation – Building A Future-Ready HR

Date: 17-18 May 2023
Location: Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania
Venue: Hotel Verde Zanzibar – Azam Luxury Resort and Spa Malawi Road, Zanzibar City, Tanzania


The CTO Human Resources and ICT Forum 2023 emphasised the need for organisations to embrace digital technologies in a manner that effectively fosters digital transformation. It encouraged organisations to position HR function as a key enabler of their digital transformation strategy and to effectively adopt digital technologies to enhance the HR function.
The Forum highlighted the need for an engaged, future ready workforce and a culture that enables workers to seamlessly adapt to the disruptive innovative technologies that will emerge.

Key Objectives

The objectives of the CTO Human Resources and ICT Forum 2023 were to:

    • Explain the role of HR in digital transformation;
    • Highlight how the role of HR is embedded in the formulation and implementation of digital transformation strategies;
    • Present HR-transforming technologies and consider their impact on the wider business strategy;
    • Present practical examples of businesses that successfully transformed digitally and highlight the HR interventions and initiatives that contributed to the success; and
    • Provide HR expert insights on cultivating a future-ready workforce to support digital transformation programmes

Further Information:

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