Our members

Full Member Countries of the CTO are countries of the Commonwealth that have committed to paying their annual membership fees.  Each Full Member Country appoints a Representative (and, if it wishes, an Alternate Representative) to the CTO Council. In most instances countries are represented either by a relevant Minister, or telecommunications Regulator.  All enquiries about becoming a Full Member Country should be directed to the Head of the CTO’s Membership Division. Countries outside the Commonwealth are able to join the CTO as ICT Sector Members, and additional government organisations in countries that are already Full Member Countries can also apply to become ICT Sector Members.

At present, thirty three countries are Full Members Countries of the CTO, while a further eighteen countries and territories are represented indirectly. Each Full Member Country nominates an institution within the country to hold the membership. The links below lead to the sites of these representative organisations.

Countries remain on this list for eighteen months following receipt of an annual payment, and if payment has not been received by this time, they will be de-listed until such time as their payment is received.